Arrivals and Lift-Offs

We have been recruiting. With Mark and Mia, we have increased our expertise in video production and account management. Nick has been promoted as Head of Forensics and Strategic Insight. We are still looking for talent. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch...

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IOUs, Buses and Mergers

It is the end of a busy week, one in which I presented on Social Media Crisis Management to the Chartered Institute of Marketing and finally started preparations in earnest for the Chester pre-screening of SKYFALL, the new James Bond movie on the 25th. My week was...

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Lessons from the Olympics

Now that the dust has settled round the parks, tracks, arenas, fields and coasts used by the Olympics, across what is now GREAT Britain, a few comments and questions. On games sponsorship, was it worth it? For BMW, BT, CocaCola and MacDonalds yes, but it isn’t good...

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