Are you Mobile?

2014 was the year when more people in the UK searched for information on their mobile devices than using personal computers, following the trend in the US. Technology moves so quickly that if you don’t adopt and adapt then it’s difficult to survive long term. Do...

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PR Jargon: 10 Maseratis

There’s something about PR that stretches words beyond their elastic limit. Here’s 10 of the worst. 1) Leverage Using the word in a press release is a bad enough, but if you hear anyone saying “leverage”, that’s either that they’ve had to stick to the wording in...

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Top 5 ways to improve videos

I've just been asked in LinkedIn about how to improve videos and the top reasons why videos fail. This is what I've suggested:         1. Keep sight of the objectives and don't turn the video into an art film; 'art for art's sake'. 2. Test, test and test again videos with the...

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Should you do the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Many communicators are talking about the Ice Bucket Challenge, but the real question is whether you should participate in the challenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge benefits the ALS Association or Macmillan Nursing. Unless your company has a real tie to these charities, think carefully before engaging...

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