UK Brands lag behind US for customer service

A new set of customer service rankings suggests that US brands outperform British brands on just about every measure and across most industries. In fact, the top ten US brands scored the highest number of points in the Western world. Each business was measured against six...

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Marketing PRojects celebrates 20 years in business today. Top 10 tips learnt…what are yours?

1. Success comes to those who work exceptionally hard, have a passion for their business they can communicate and are in the right place at the right time (by design). 2. Change is inevitable. Embrace it, learn and adapt. 3. Keep your friends close and your colleagues...

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Top 5 ways to improve videos

I've just been asked in LinkedIn about how to improve videos and the top reasons why videos fail. This is what I've suggested:         1. Keep sight of the objectives and don't turn the video into an art film; 'art for art's sake'. 2. Test, test and test again videos with the...

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